War peace essay topics

There were a war peace essay topics of Vietnam War peace talks and peace proposals, made by the United States, North Vietnam and various other nations. Le Duc Tho and Henry Kissinger shake after their 1972 peace agreement. Like most prolonged conflicts, the Vietnam War produced several peace proposals and several rounds of peace talks.

These attempts to forge a working peace were initiated by the United States, North Vietnam and by other nations acting as mediators. Proposals for ceasefires and peace deals flowed back and forth regularly, even when fighting was at its worst. The period 1964 to 1972 saw at least five different peace proposals of any significance, along with numerous third party offers that were either disregarded or rebuffed. Vietnam conflict and its chief combatants. For the Americans the peace process was a way of extricating themselves from Vietnam, while avoiding the humiliation of defeat. For the North Vietnamese, whose ultimate goal was national reunification, peace talks were another military tactic, a device to obtain breathing space while denying and frustrating the enemy. Both Hanoi and Washington claimed to be receptive to peace talks and a negotiated peace deal.

There was method in this too: if peace negotiations failed or broke down, this could be attributed to the belligerence or pigheadedness of the other side. The internal affairs of South Vietnam must be settled by the South Vietnamese people themselves, in accordance with the program of the NLF, without any foreign interference. The peaceful reunification of Vietnam is to be settled by the Vietnamese people in both zones, without any foreign interference. United States could not accept.

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