My future career essay accountant

My career goals Everyone has a dream about future. The picture coming to my mind about my future is so my future career essay accountant. Read this essay and over 1,500,000 others like it now. Don’t miss your chance to earn better grades and be a better writer!

Please sign up to read full document. Everyone has a dream about future. I dress up in a professional way and go to my own office in a big company. I am an accounting manager of the company whose employees have paid vacations and many other benefits as well.

This dream really attracts me. I graduated from a Chinese college with an accounting major. I’ve worked for many years as an accountant and accounting manager. I have a medium level professional certificate of accounting in China.

Now I wanted to do the same professional job in the U. To chase my dream, I knew that first I needed to improve my English skills. I studied very hard and tried to improve my English. After two years of study, I successfully completed the ESL courses and received an award for outstanding. Then I finished my associate’s degree in Applied Science in Accounting at St. I applied and was accepted for the undergraduate program in accounting at University of Missouri in St.

After I get my bachelor’s degree, I will look for a job in accounting field. I would like to work at a big company as accountant or accounting analyst. I will use my skills and my passion to help my company in seeking to maximize profit. I have excellent academic record and rich experiences which makes me a good candidate for the Edward Junes internship. I was named to the dean’s list for both summer2010 and spring 2011. I was a volunteer of IRS income tax assistance in St.

Louis Community College at Meramec campus. I enjoy doing as a job. I have thoroughly considered the skills that I presently have and the abilities that I need to either change or perfect. I set out for myself was to get accepted in the United State Army Masters of Social Work Program. The program is one that helps determined individuals work on acquiring their Masters Degree in Social Work Services and become officers in the United Army.

As I am already in the field of psychology I though a special interest in the Social Work Services and have come to enjoy working in this department. Army because it is all paid for. Army after 20 years of service. I can always work for the federal employee for the Army. Also one may ask the question, but why social work services? They can be employed by a state or local court. A Criminal Justice Attorney represents people or organizations who have been accused of committing a crime.

They are also known as public defenders. Criminal defense attorneys typically work at least 40 hours a week, but longer hours are common. Criminal Justice Attorneys also have to do a lot of research and preparation outside of trials. Outside of the court room attorneys are expected to come up with effective arguing strategies that can be used in their trials. In order for an attorney to strengthen their argument they must present evidence, laws and statues, and past judicial rulings.

While in the courtroom, in order to win a case, a criminal defense attorney must constantly adapt and choose the most effective argumentative methods available to them. Seven years of education, after high school, are required to be a Criminal Justice Attorney. Four years are spent at the undergraduate level while the other three are spent in actual Law school. This role would give me the opportunity to identify target market segments, and devise strategies to tap into them. I have deep interest in gaining extensive learning in the field of marketing. Over a period of a few years I aim to become an expert in end-to-end marketing strategy and execution.

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