My family is my motivation essay

I work in RCIA and Adult Faith Formation ministry in my local parish. This role my family is my motivation essay me to welcome people into the church, and to help people delve deeper into their relationship with our Lord. Because of this role, I listen to many stories of suffering from people who come into our door. Pope Francis spoke of and by far the most common suffering people bring to me is the suffering within their families.

I have heard about adultery and pornography addiction ruining marriages,  estrangement of children from parents and parents from children. Warring between siblings and even cousins and extended family, the list goes on and on. It seems the vitriol we see in society is often reflected in our own families and it’s hard to come to the table with our own blood relatives. I am seeing this on the front lines. As this is the 100 Anniversary of the prophecy of Fatima, and because I am seeing so much turmoil, I took this issue to prayer. As a mother, I spoke to the Blessed Mother and asked for her intercession for the people I am coming across who struggle daily within their families.

In my prayer I have felt our Lady tell me over and over again that she is in union with the Divine will. She is all things relationship with the Trinity. Daughter of the Father, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, and Mother of the Son. She knows union with God and we can, by following her example, have loving relationships with one another.

Then one day in my prayers I very clearly heard her tell me that she wants to heal Families. She asked me to have an Icon painted and a Litany  written. But she didn’t want me to write it. She identified to me who she wanted to do these two things. Icon, and a friend of mine to write the Litany.

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