Jazz music review essay

Practically everything I know about writing I learned jazz music review essay music. If I had not been so obsessed with it, I might not have become a novelist.

Haruki Murakami at his jazz bar, Peter Cat, in Sendagaya, Tokyo, 1978. Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. Go to the home page to see the latest top stories. I never had any intention of becoming a novelist — at least not until I turned 29.

I read a lot from the time I was a little kid, and I got so deeply into the worlds of the novels I was reading that it would be a lie if I said I never felt like writing anything. But I never believed I had the talent to write fiction. In my teens I loved writers like Dostoyevsky, Kafka and Balzac, but I never imagined I could write anything that would measure up to the works they left us. And so, at an early age, I simply gave up any hope of writing fiction. I would continue to read books as a hobby, I decided, and look elsewhere for a way to make a living. The professional area I settled on was music.

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