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I Am Malala study guide contains a biography essay on benazir bhutto Malala Yousafzai, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Islamic reformer, instructing people to give up certain behaviors if they wanted to be good Muslims.

Malala’s father, however, did not. One of the things Fazlullah called for was the removal of all CDs, DVDs, and televisions from homes, but Malala’s family secretly kept theirs. Fazlullah directed many of his broadcasts specifically at women, insisting that they must remain in the home according to the Quran, but Malala knew that the holy book did not really say that. One of the biggest things that the rising Taliban advocated against was girls’ education. Whenever women would leave the house and go to the market, the Taliban would shout at them to go home until they did. The Taliban stopped polio vaccinations, spoke against the Americans, and patrolled the streets for people who did not follow their demands. After his radio station had been on the air for over a year, Fazlullah started to get more aggressive, pushing for the human “sacrifices” of politicians and political activists who tried to stand against him.

Slowly, Malala’s father was encouraged to speak out against this budding regime, and he became a public figure in the process. The Taliban began to eliminate all of the things Malala loved about Swat Valley: their music, their history, even their ancient Buddha statues that they so loved, claiming that these things were sinful. They blew up the massive twenty-three foot tall Jehanabad Buddha carving with dynamite. Malala felt that the Taliban saw people as nothing more than little dolls to control. They even pushed for women to wear burqas, which kept a woman’s body entirely covered up—even her face.

Then, the Taliban began to storm houses and attack Swat policemen, and started taking over administration in all the villages of Swat. Burqa Brigade’ went around attacking CD and DVD shops and bazaars in the center of the city. The Musharraf government did not know how to handle this militant takeover of their capital. The Taliban seized the Red Mosque, an important site in Islamabad, in a battle called Operation Silence.

Following this, the Taliban declared war on the Pakistani government. Malala was particularly excited to see Benazir return, as she was a role model for her in politics and democracy. But the Taliban bombed the bus taking Benazir from her plane through the city of Karachi, not killing her, but killing 150 other people. Finally Musharraf sent troops to Swat to combat the Taliban, and fighting happened throughout the valley’s villages. The army was unable to drive the Taliban away, and different militant leaders throughout northwest Pakistan united to officially form the Pakistan Taliban. When Benazir Bhutto was making a speech, a suicide bomber blew himself up and shot her.

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