Embryonic stem cells essay

Often there are two opposite opinions. Writers of controversial essays embrace one side of the argument embryonic stem cells essay try to persuade their audience of their point of view.

It is also possible to outline a compromise as a conclusion. Because these topics are so divisive, it is especially important to choose valid arguments. Classical topics are issues that have caused public debate for many decades already. Although this controversy has been going on for centuries, it is still important today. There are many persuasive reasons to support the right of women to have an abortion, but not all governments or religions allow it. By now most of the formerly communist countries have embraced capitalism. Many contentious topics are political issues.

Often major political parties directly oppose each other concerning them. You can find arguments by taking a look at party positions. Should there be stricter laws? In some countries that issue is still the subject of heated debate. Ethical problems can cause intense controversies. This debate concerns the destruction of human embryos for research involving embryonic stem cells.

Soon the complete DNA of an unborn baby can be screened. Many controversies can provide several topics. Concerning climate change, you can consider the interpretation of research, or you can cover political strategies. For example, you could argue for or against international treaties. Controversies arise in all areas of life. Often characters from books lose their specific cultural background for a screen adaptation. Should there be a minimum BMI for fashion models?

Or should it be up to the girls and boys on the runway to decide whether or not size zero or less is desirable? Fans write stories about copyrighted source material and publish them online without permission. Great fun and free promotion, or copyright infringement and lack of respect? There are many arguments for both sides! A humanist is concerned broadly with all aspects of human life, not just the ethical. Kass was born in Chicago to Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe.

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