Easa module 9 essay questions

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Take your website on the go! Come here for the latest scoop. Find a home for your blog. Dean Allen, a web pioneer and good man, has passed away. I’ve been processing the news for a few days and still don’t know where to begin. Dean was a writer, who wrote the software he wrote on.

His websites were crafted, designed, and typeset so well you would have visited them even if they were filled with Lorem Ipsum, and paired with his writing you were drawn into an impossibly rich world. His blog was called Textism, and among many other things it introduced me to the art of typography. He brought a care and craft to everything he touched that inspires me to this day. Dean strove for perfection and often achieved it. John continued his work and created Markdown, I put Texturize into WP, and Dean released Textile in Textpattern.

When we overlapped in Vancouver he immediately texted “I’ll show you some butt-kicking food and drink. I learned so much in our time together, a web inspiration who turned for me into a real-life mensch. He was endlessly generous with his time and counsel in design, prose, and fashion. I learned the impossibly clever sentences he wrote, that you assumed were the product of a small writing crew or at least a few revisions, came annoyingly easily to him, an extension of how he actually thought and wrote and the culmination of a lifetime of telling stories and connecting to the human psyche. He obliged to a photo this time though and we took photos of each other individually in front of a sign that said “EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. It wasn’t, but it’s what I imagine Dean would say right now if he could.

She also assigned everyone the following homework assignment. Can you access all content and functionality? Can you open AND close popups? Let me know what you learned. Viewers will be able to watch sessions and interact with the speakers for free. Near the end of the show, Jacoby provides a review of the Nintendo Switch he received for Christmas. Wednesday, January 24th 3:00 P.

4 of its local development software. This version includes a lot of refactored code, setting the foundation for faster updates in the future along with design-time plugins. One of the major changes in 3. 4 is the use of the .

Due to the latest changes with the . Top Level Domain and the fact that many browsers now force SSL on anything with the . Marc Benzakein says the domain will work no matter which local development solution is being used and that it’s a gift to the community. Other domains such as . If you use an Apple device with a Retina screen or Hi-DPI in Windows, you’ll likely appreciate the user-interface changes that are vastly improved on high resolution screens. Looks great on my 4K display now. 4 also includes a number of enhancements for premium service customers.

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