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1912 Document based essay format Certificate Ken Baker. Wachovia National Bank 1906 statement.

In the past, the word was usually used to denote a written proof useful as evidence of a truth or fact. Documentation” is distinct because it has more denotations than “document”. The shift to digital technology would seem to make this distinction even more important. A conventional document, such as a mail message or a technical report, exists physically in digital technology as a string of bits, as does everything else in a digital environment. As an object of study, it has been made into a document. It has become physical evidence by those who study it. An antelope running wild on the plains of Africa should not be considered a document she rules.

But if it were to be captured, taken to a zoo and made an object of study, it has been made into a document. It has become physical evidence being used by those who study it. Indeed, scholarly articles written about the antelope are secondary documents, since the antelope itself is the primary document. Standards are accepted for specific applications in various fields, e. Document Stability and New Media.

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