Diary of a wimpy kid essay

We are thankful of their contributions and encourage you to make your own. Greg is the main character in the novel and is a troublesome child who is about to start Middle School. He enjoys playing video games and sleeping instead of playing sports, much to his father’diary of a wimpy kid essay dismay.

He befriends Rowley Jefferson whilst at school. Rowley is Greg’s best friend and is considered immature by Greg. He is a loyal friend to Greg and is always willing to do what Greg tells him to. Rowley goes on many holidays, which Greg finds annoying. Manny is Greg’s younger brother and is very spoiled. He does not get into trouble for anything and gets what he wants. He is only three years old but is extremely lucky to have what he wants.

Rodrick is Greg’s older brother and and is constantly bullying Greg and mocking him. He is known in the book to be a bit of a rebel and is part of a band called Löded Diper. He constantly tries to embarrass Greg. Frank is Greg’s father and is unhappy with the fact that Greg always plays video games and sleeping instead of playing outside and playing sports. Susan is Greg’s overprotective mom. She always tries to prepare Greg for everything that can happen, much to Greg’s annoyance. She constantly thinks that Greg is responsible for Manny’s actions, and helps alot at Greg’s school.

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