British welfare state essay

371386″,”excerpt”:”How bad have things become? How bad have things become? United States since 2000 than in any country in Europe except Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. Of course, European welfare states were british welfare state essay to begin with, but the Telegraph’s report is reflective of an important trend.

American welfare state, the European nations and other industrialized welfare states are moving in the other direction. The Netherlands: Just 42 percent of U. Republican attempts to restore work requirements to the food-stamp program have been met with a storm of resistance. Meanwhile, the Obama administration touts the idea that Obamacare will enable people to quit their jobs while having their health care subsidized by taxpayers. The Dutch, on the other hand, have announced a massive reform of their welfare system, designed to put a new emphasis on work. For example, welfare applicants will now be required to prove that they spent at least four weeks actively searching for a job before they become eligible for any assistance.

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