Against child labor essay

How to Take Action to End Child Labor. According to recent estimates, there are 168 million children around the world who are forced to work, and much of this work is hazardous or harmful to their physical and mental development. There are many ways to join in the fight against child labor essay end child labor injustices.

Whichever method you chose, know that you are making a difference and helping to make the world a better place! Before we can take action, we need to understand what leads to child labor. In many impoverished countries, children make up nearly half the labor force. Sometimes families need their children to work and help pay household expenses, and employers take advantage of this desperation by forcing children to work long hours in hazardous conditions for low pay and no rights.

Understand the role of education. Improving access to quality education is one way to intervene and help stop child labor. Use the internet to find out which organizations support anti-child labor initiatives. Browse their mission statements and events pages to get a sense of their stance on the issues, and how they plan to help exploited children workers. Volunteer with a local chapter.

Your time and talents are a great resource. Local chapters especially need volunteers to help in the day-to-day running of the organization. Reach out to your local chapter through their website or email. They will have more information and specific people to contact on their websites as well as more ways for you to get involved. Offer to help run specific outreach programs or events in your area. Offer to be in international ambassador. If you’re interested in helping beyond your local level, volunteer to go abroad and help in those countries most plagued by child labor injustices.

Organizations strive to influence policy makers and increase awareness through petitions. Through a little online research, you can find open petitions for local and global child labor issues. Supporting organizations and their efforts through a financial donation is another way to make a difference. Be sure to make contributions through reputed organizations so that your donated dollars really count and go where you want them. If you chose to donate clothing, toys, or books, make sure these items are Fair Trade certified and haven’t been produced through sweatshops or child labor. One of the first things you’ll need to do if you decide to start your own activist group is to recruit like-minded members.

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