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In other words, Jung believed that everyone in the world is born with the same basic subconscious model of what a “hero” is, or a “mentor” or a “quest,” and that’s why people who don’t even speak the same language can enjoy the a journey to the moon essay stories. Jung developed his idea of archetypes mostly as a way of finding meaning within the dreams and visions of the mentally ill: if a person believes they are being followed by a giant apple pie, it’s difficult to make sense of how to help them. Yoda guided Luke on Dagoba.

If you think of a person as a computer and our bodies as “hardware,” language and culture seem to be the “software. Deeper still, and apparently common to all homo sapians, is a sort of built-in “operating system” which interprets the world by sorting people, places, things and experiences into archetypes. Campbell’s contribution was to take this idea of archetypes and use it to map out the common underlying structure behind religion and myth. Campbell eloquently demonstrates that all stories are expressions of the same story-pattern, which he named the “Hero’s Journey,” or the “monomyth.

Campbell summed up with his adage “All religions are true, but none are literal. That is, he concluded that all religions are really containers for the same essential truth, and the trick is to avoid mistaking the wrappings for the diamond. This blueprint for “The Hero’s Journey” gave Lucas the focus he needed to draw his sprawling imaginary universe into a single story. Jung and Campbell aren’t the only people who have attempted to map the Hero’s Journey!

There have been dozens of less celebrated forays into this area, and just about everyone comes to slightly different conclusions. Earth was created in 4,004 BCE, so Müller changed all the Vedic dates to suit that “historical fact. So the Vedic faith began before the King James version of the Earth even existed. Müller wrote that the Vedas are mostly “childish in the extreme, tedious, low and commonplace. Can a translator really do justice to a work he holds in contempt? It would be more near the truth to say that languages, especially modern European languages, are a disease of mythology. In all fairness it’s a bit petty to make fun of Müller for his religious intolerance, particularly since the other 19th-century German academics he hung out with considered him bizarrely respectful of the “silly superstitious beliefs” of non-Christians.

Müller was a brilliant man who laid the foundations for modern Linguistics and Mythology, and he’s still worth reading. Tylor’s book became a bit of a scandal because it provided scientific support for the idea that “primitive” peoples weren’t inferior to white Europeans. His work was partially a counter-argument to Müller. As you might guess from the title, Rank didn’t think much of myths and fairytales. Draws parallels between mythic beliefs of cultures from all over the world. The book makes an excellent argument that magical thinking is one of the primary keys to understanding human consciousness.

Frazer was an enormous influence on Joseph Campbell, Ursula Le Guin and Frank Herbert. If you nurture ambitions to write, especially to write “mythic” fiction, Frazer’s brilliant book is without question on the short-list of recommended reading. His ideas seem to be strongly influenced by von Hahn’s work. Native American myths, written between 1964-1971. I can’t say I fully understand his points, but there are many fans of this book who report that all the hard work it requires is worthwhile. Divine Path which didn’t cast woman as the villain.

Campbell’s idea that woman represents divine impurity was probably influenced by his orthodox Catholic upbringing, which shifts the responsibility for Adam’s fall to Eve. The Essay Organization has thousands o f Free Essays available and ready to download! We currently have more than 1,000 essays, mostly in English. Below is the alphabetized list. And they are all FREE!

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