A day in the life of a farmer essay

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American actress and television host. 1970, at the age of 56. Ernest Melvin Farmer, a lawyer. At age four, Farmer’s parents separated, and her mother relocated with the children from their home in North Seattle to Los Angeles, where her sister lived. Two years later, Farmer and her siblings were sent back to Seattle to live with their father. Her mother returned to Seattle the following year, and the family shared a house, although Lillian and Ernest remained separated.

It was a precocious attempt to reconcile her wish for, in her words, a “superfather” God, with her observations of a chaotic and godless world. He expressed the same doubts, only he said it in German: ‘Gott ist tot. I was not to assume that there was no God, but I could find no evidence in my life that He existed or that He had ever shown any particular interest in me. I was sixteen I was well indoctrinated into this theory.

Farmer proceeded to study drama, and, during the 1930s, the university’s drama department productions were considered citywide cultural events and were frequented accordingly. Paramount offered her a seven-year contract. Farmer as a new found star. Farmer was not entirely satisfied with her career, however. She felt stifled by Paramount’s tendency to cast her in films which depended on her looks more than her talent. Her outspoken style made her seem uncooperative and contemptuous. In an age when the studios dictated every facet of a star’s life, Farmer rebelled against the studio’s control and resisted every attempt they made to glamorize her private life.

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