500 word essay on responsibility

LA Weekly for some time now and I can’t count the number of times I would read this thing and wonder why my buddies from way back would idolize this person. I love how every other story he writes he has 500 word essay on responsibility remind us how he was once poor. This is a guy who’s been having his ass kissed since the 80s and he still goes on about how he USED TO BE one of us.

I used to play drive bars in Pacoma. Give it a rest already will you PLEASE! I remember once reading an article by some other band person who was so enamored by Rollins that he would have gladly allowed him to fuck his wife. Oh the hardships poor Henry must endure!

I once ran across this nerd at a Greek restaurant on 3rd street where he was sitting a table away from me and my wife. He was going on about his kale salads, the coconut waters he enjoyed drinking, and the latest obscure book he’s reading. He sounded exactly the way he writes. I swear to God I was waiting for him to start in on his latest shopping spree at lululemon. It took everything for me to not lean over and tell this guy to shut the fuck up.

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